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Now that you have watched the video I want to quickly introduce myself my name is Gary Runnacles, that is my picture to the left and I have been playing Lottospring since January 2016, I have been playing for free and winning regulary each week and I hope you would like to do the same.

All I ask is you take time to review the information and the videos carefully as there is a lot to take in. After reviewing this website you may have some questions you need answering, if this is the case my contact details are at the bottom of this page, I will gladly help to answer any questions you may have

LottoSpring is the best lotto game on the planet

A game that finally reverses the concept, where people can expect to win rather than hope to win, A game where everyone's fate is in their own hands, And we have a year of results to back that up. 

Lottospring is an online lotto style game where you can win prizes between 5 to 50 million Euros in our twice weekly games.

Lottospring is the worlds first social lotto it's much better than a normal lotto because it gives you massive advantages of having a social circle of friends participating with you. In normal lotto's you can only win when you win yourself, in social lotto's you win when others win too.

On top of this, you can get FREE tickets and for sharing with 3 people who also play it can be totally FREE. Your odds are better, your prizes are better and with a little bit of social sharing it soon becomes hard to lose.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Win Twice A Week Every Week?

Who Wouldn’t Want To Win When Friends Won?

Who Wouldn’t Want To Play Lotto Free?

Who Wouldn’t Want Better Prize Money For Lower Wins?

Who Wouldn’t Want 400 Entries Into Winning Jackpots?

Who Wouldn’t Want Free Tickets That Can Never Lose And Win You Up To 50K?

Who Wouldn’t Want To Make A Serious Tax Free Income While Waiting To Win The Jackpot?

Please watch the video below it explains all the benefits of playing Lottospring in great detail.  

( since this video was made there has been a change in blitz points I would like to point out that for every person who joins we are awarded 300 points which equals 1 blitz ticket, which simply means it is now even better for us.)

Make yourself a tea or coffee and watch the video by Lottospring member Paul Hardingham below. approx 12 mins long

I want to be open and transparent about how lottospring is going for me so below is a screen capture of my winnings since jan 2016 when I joined. You will see its not a fortune but I am getting constant wins near enough every single draw, they consist of multiwins, blitz winnings and personal ticket winnings. and don't forget that this is a lottery so there is a chance of bigger winnings in every draw.
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If you look closely at the picture below you will kind of see how this works,  you will see that I had 5 wins then 4 wins then 6 wins in three seperate draws, prizes were multiwins, personal wins and free ticket wins (Blitz Tickets), The same will happen for you once you start playing and sharing.
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Below you will see a friend of mine Peter Burrows from Nortern Ireland, sharing his winnings from Lottospring in a Facebook post. this post shows how he won 1000 Euros from a free blitz ticket, you will also see that his total winnings from Lottospring is over 5000 Euros, he is obviously doing a great job in sharing this fantastic lotto with others.

I realize you may be skeptical about Lottospring but it is a genuine lotto with guaranteed monthly jackpots of 100 million Euros. Lottospring is fully compliant with the U.K. Gaming Commission and fully insured, many thousands of people all over the world are playing every week. But one of the biggest objections people have is . " It's To Good To Be True " Lottospring is giving away so many benefits and perks that some people feel it can't be real.

I mean every month it gives you:

400 Syndicate Entries

8 Personal Game Entries

100 Million In Jackpot Prizes

Free Bonus Blitz Tickets That Never Lose

Win Even When You Lose With Multiwins

Share with 3 And You Play Free

So it's easy to see why people have trouble believing it all

Below is what Lottospring Founder Jamie Mather says about this

When I explained how LottoSpring worked to my Lotto Prize Backers, the wife of one of the owners asked me to explain several times how we could possibly give that much away.

In fact, when I first designed LottoSpring on paper and showed my wife Lyuba the benefits, she thought I had gone crazy and would bankrupt the family.

So I know first-hand how easy it is for people to think it’s too good to be true.

It’s not TOO GOOD to be TRUE but it is AMAZINGLY GOOD for sure.
And we aim to pay out 80% + of all takings in prizes and more on top for incentives and benefits.

Making it about the best long term home based opportunity on the market.

We set out to make it generous and exciting… and we succeeded!
Normal Lotto Games are lucky to pay out even 50% of the sales revenue. The rest goes in advertising, administration, technology, and profits (big Profits).

Our model is totally different!

Instead of paying for advertising we give that money to our players for helping us spread the work. Our players share the news and reap the rewards of people playing with them.

No multimillion Euro TV commercials staring Jordan, or Piers Morgan (although I do quite like those ads).

Instead, we pass every cent of the marketing budget to you the player and we do this with FREE Tickets and Prizes.

Our Social Lotto has a very simple proposition:

The more you help us build our customers, the more we are going to help you win.

And as I believe we have put together the best and most generous Lotto Opportunity on the planet, I consider getting people to play LottoSpring as doing them a big favour.

You can play and win for FREE!

A Win for People you invite
They get the best fixed prize lotto and they too could be playing and winning for FREE.

A Win for LottoSpring
We get to have a growing customer base of players worldwide by sharing the benefits with our players!

On top of this, we run exclusively online, and our experience in marketing automation and e-commerce allows us to run a sleek operation that allows us to afford even more benefits to our players.

If people want an amazing offer with cash benefits and prizes, then they know where to come…

If they want to not risk €33 Euros because it’s too good to be true, then I’m not sure there is a lot you can do (other than flash your prize winnings at them later and show them what they missed out!)

For those who want to win and get all the benefits then advise them to click the link below


This is an incredible opportunity to play the lottery and build a regular increasing income, It doesn't matter whether you choose to play as a Lottospring Member or a Prospring Member. This is an absolutely superb way to make a regular tax free income.

The video below by Prash Patel below will show you how.